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FloSolutions is an innovative hydrogeological consulting firm based in Peru and USA servicing the mining, water resources, energy and agricultural sectors. Our internationally recognized team of experts have the know-how and excellence needed to deliver optimal solutions to your projects. We are seamlessly partnered with DHI – the largest hydrological consulting company in the world – to bring complete hydrological and modeling services to our clients. Our niche business model delivers cost-effective, high quality consulting services safely and on time.

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Excellent Safety Record

With an established culture of safety awareness among all employees, FloSolutions has never lost time due to work-related injuries since inception in 2014.  We integrate safety into everything we do.

Excellent Reputation

Highly successful, passionate and proven management and technical team with over 23 years of continuous hydrogeological excellence in Latin America and USA. Excellent reputation in the mining and energy industries, as well as with regulatory agencies in Peru, United States and Chile.

Experts in Hydrogeology

Experts in groundwater exploration and aquifer management, mine dewatering and depressurization studies, fractured rock and karst hydrogeology, waste facility siting studies, and hydrogeological components for feasibility studies and EIA’s, and numerical groundwater modeling.

Experts in Modeling

Seamlessly teamed with DHI, we have one of the largest and most experienced group of numerical hydrogeologic modelers in the Americas.  DHI and FloSolutions modelers have extensive experience in modeling groundwater flow and transport in complex geological settings.


Our managing partners have over 100 years of collective experience in leadership and training.  We have led some of the largest groups of hydrogeologists for multinational engineering consulting companies. The lessons learned from these experiences are coupled with the best project management practices to achieve successful projects in every way.

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